Accion Labs is a global Innovation-centric organization with 100% focus in the emerging technologies offering Business Innovation services, Strategic consulting, and full-lifecycle implementation services to our clients. We have experience in a range of products – consumer facing products, enterprise products, infrastructure products, EAI/ESB/BPM products.

Accion Labs suite of services aim to meet the unique requirements of organizations, from business consulting, developing custom solutions (Software Engineering), implementing packaged solutions (Application Implementation), to outsourcing and managing applications. We are a rapidly growing, highly competitive and responsive organization with professional management, strong technical and financial resources and deep commitment to fully serve its clients in Singapore, Malaysia, India, Dubai and USA.
Opportunities abound when you work @ Accion Labs, a World-Class Software Solutions and Service Provider.

We are always looking for professional who possess an ability to Think out of the box, the ability to evoke that Entrepreneurial streak residing somewhere within themselves and If you have outstanding skills, high energy, and like to work in a team environment with peers and customers to talk about and of course have what it takes we"d love to hear from you.
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Job Summary
Accion Labs Pte Ltd


3 - 13 years

Java, Angular, Python,"Machine Learning","PostgreSQL"

Bachelors/ Degree, Diploma


Software Engineer/Programmer

IT/Computers - Software
Hiring Software Developer SR(Java, Angular, Python, Machine Learning,PostgreSQL)

Job Responsibilities (List the major responsibilities/outcomes expected of this role)
● Designs, analyzes, and documents software applications:
● Investigates and analyzes verbal and written requests for application software, interpreting application requirements to construct highly complex applications
● Writes technical documentation for routines and applications, facilitating future enhancements.
● Constructs, tests, installs, and maintains software applications:
● Develops highly complex software code, which is maintainable, easy to use, and satisfies application requirements.
● Develops and executes application test plans, analyze test results, and makes appropriate revisions to ensure the applications function as specified.
● Contributes to the planning for acceptance testing and implementation of new software, performing supporting activities to ensure that customers have the information and assistance they need for a successful implementation.
● Provides support to internal users and support staff:
● Investigates application incidents for missing or incorrect functionality.
● Assesses incident resolution and estimates application changes.
● Applies resolutions, leading to timely, error free revisions in applications.
● Performs configuration management tasks:
● Ensures application software components are archived in common repositories according to IT standards with appropriate documentation that reflects the progression from development to implementation.
● Works with and in some instances provides work direction to our vendor partners

● Other duties as assigned

● PostgreSQL
Knowledge required:
● Management and error trapping
● Data manipulation (multi query tables & Multi Database)
● Javascript
● CSS2
Angular 5
● Typescript
● Data casting
● Browser debugging
● Create interfaces, classes, namespaces, modules, promises and decorators
● Use third party libraries such as jQuery
● Create data structures: Heaps, lists, trees
● Translate typescript code to javascript
● Browser testing
● Use of the data types:
○ Number, string, Boolean
○ Special type Any
○ Void, Never, Null and undefined
○ Implicit and explicit type assignation
○ Enum types; Array and tables
○ Deconstruction of objects and arrays
● Use of functions and Objects
○ Basic functions defining, and using function Types and Arrows
○ Mandatory, optional, by defectm and rest parameters
○ Functions overload
○ Promises
● Class management
○ Constructors, public, private and protected properties
○ Public, private and protected methods
○ Hierarchy
○ Get and set methods
○ Abstract classes
○ Private constructors
● Interfaces management
○ Basic interfaces, optional properties, interface methods
○ Interfaces in classes and functions
● Namespaces and modules management
○ Namespaces creation
○ Multiple namespaces
○ Import namespaces
○ Modules creation
● Generics
○ Generic functions
○ Generic Arrays
○ Generic Classes
● Decorators
○ Decorators:On classes, by default, nested, on methods, on properties, on parameters
● Handle of libraries non typescript
○ jQuery adding *.d.ts, SweetAlert
● Use of data structures with typescript
○ Heaps, Queues, Lists, Trees
● Knowledge of CLI command use
● Components creation:
○ AppModule function
○ Templates
○ Angular Binding
○ Styles
○ Components comunnication
■ Decorator @Input and property bindings
■ Decorator @Output and event emmiter and event binding
○ Use of directives
■ NgIf, NgElse, NgFor, NgSwitch, NgClass, NgStyle, NgTemplate,
■ Personalized directives
○ Pipes
■ Pipes: uppercase to lowercase, Slice, decimal, Percent- Porcentajes, Currency, Json, Async, Date, Personalized
● Passive and active Observatory
● Services management
● Services with http, login and NgTranslate data
● Service injection onto another
● Angular Forms
● Routes and Navigation
● NgContent
● @ContentChild
● @ContentChildren
● @ViewChildren
● ElementRef y Native element
● Renderer: "platform agnostic render"
● NgTemplate: replicating DOM content
● Dynamic components creation
● Unit testing
● Reactive programming
● Redux Architecture

Knowledge on
● Create and develop Java projects with high level of language knowledge
● Development environment: Bitbucket, Eclipse
● Angular
● Hibernate
● Javascript
● Multithreading
● Spring
● MVC Develop
● Web services (RESTFUL)
● Apache Tomcat
● Apache Solr
● Advanced use of databases with some of these managers:
● Oracle
● PostgreSQL

Knowledge on
● Create and develop Python projects with high level of language knowledge
● Development environment: Bitbucket, Virtual Environment
● Python 3
● Knowledge on SKLearn & fastText algorithm
● Ad-hoc skillset: Deep Learning, TensorFlow, Django Resful API