Chief Civil Engineer 土建总工

Chief Civil Engineer 土建总工

Qingjian Holding Group Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Other - Malaysia
5 - 10 Years
1649068 - 2404891 MYR

Job Description

You will be given a chance to work with our group at Cambodia.
1. Responsible for the overall control, quality, progress, cost control and technical management of the chief engineer project construction;
2. Responsible for compiling the overall implementation plan, annual and monthly implementation plan of the project construction according to the overall management objectives of the project;下达项目的建设实施计划,并对实施中的项目计划进行统计分和计划调整等综管; To assign the construction and implementation plan of the project, and conduct the comprehensive management of the statistical analysis and plan adjustment of the project plan;
3. Organized the project office, the supervision unit and the construction unit to comprehensively analyze the features and actual conditions of the project, analyze and determine the technical difficulties and control points of the project, and formulate corresponding targeted measures and key control procedures;
3.1. 查监和施工制定相应的监和施工的监控计划,实人员和件,实施于工程的监和施工,使建设管目标明确,层级之间形有效监控的体系;
3.1. In addition, the supervising and supervising units and construction units shall formulate corresponding supervision and construction monitoring plans, implement the personnel and conditions, and implement the supervision and construction of the project, so as to make the construction management objectives clear and form an effective monitoring system between levels;
4. Responsible for the supervision and dynamic management of the performance of the construction contract; organize related department personnel to go into the construction site regularly or irregularly, and supervise the implementation and work of the three principals, professional engineers and main mechanical equipment of the construction unit;
4.1. 检查施工在期准备工程质进度安全生产现场管等方履行的情况,监控项管指令闭;
4.1. To inspect the performance of the contract by the construction unit in the aspects of preliminary preparation, project quality, progress, production safety and site management, and monitor the closure of various management instructions;
4.2. 监控质体系良好的动行;
4.2. Monitoring quality assurance system to maintain good dynamic operation;
4.3. 监施工严格按照设计图纸批准的施工组织设计技术规范进行施工;
4.3. To supervise construction units to carry out construction in strict accordance with design drawings, approved construction organization design and technical specifications;
4.4. 对照下达的实施计划对施工进度进行监控,并针对具体问题分原因和采措施;
4.4. Monitor the construction progress according to the assigned implementation plan, analyze the reasons and take measures for specific problems;
4.5. 监施工在安全生产现场管方的措施和管是到;
4.5. To supervise whether the measures and management of the construction unit in safety production and site management are in place;
4.6. 时,对施工约和施工管人员的规进行记录与处,对现的监约与监人员的规行为进行处,并交办有关科室进行记录和跟踪实;
4.6. At the same time, the contract breach of the construction unit and the violation of the construction management personnel shall be recorded and dealt with, and the violation of the supervision unit and the supervision personnel shall be dealt with, and the relevant departments shall be assigned to record and track the implementation.

Qingjian Group Co., Ltd(hereinafter referred to as Qingjian) was established in 1952, which mainly engaged in domestic and international construction projects and investment, real estate development, capital management, logistics, design consulting and etc. Qingjian has succeeded in developing the commercial and residential property more than ten domestic cities including Qindao, Jinan, Beijng, Shenyang and overseas countries such as Singapore, which is the first foreign enterprise to development DBSS project in Singapore and acquire the award of luxury private apartment project; has honored and awarded numerous “Chinese Famous Real Estate, “China Top Ten Commercial Real Estate Projects and “National Comfortable Housing Demonstration Project. Among them, the Bishan DBSS project has received the highest award of construction and environmental protection in Singapore, “Singapore-BCA Green Mark Award. Qingjian had been taking the enterprise mission of “to build art treasures and create harmonious spaces', and based on the core value of 'Professional Integrity, Creation of Excellence, Win-Win Cooperation, and Harmonious Development'. Qingjian will create a glorious future with you hand in hand.

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