开 端 (Java,Python),Back-End Development

开 端 (Java,Python),Back-End Development

Le Xiao Yao (M) Sdn Bhd
1 - 3 Years
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Job Description

Job Description
1. Responsible in core function writing
2. Involved in the company's new project or new product development work, completion of the development or design tasks according to its requirements and high quality control
3. Familiar with analysis and design tools, and write documents in accordance with the requirements of the specification
4. Involved with the implementation of module code writing and maintenance according to the designed function
5. Provide related technical support and training according to customer needs, coordinate and solve customer technical problems
Job Requirement
1. Candidate must posses at least Bachelor’s Degree with 2 years above equivalent experiences in JAVA and WEB related aspects and able to complete the development of related modules
2. Good programming principles, proficient in Java programming language, master in mainstream databases such as orcale, MySQL, familiar with development technology such as Javascript and j2ee architecture
3. Good in technical fields, such as distributed system design, business modeling, data analysis, data exchange, process engine, etc
4. Strong teamwork spirit, honesty, hard work, rigorous, good communication skills and time management.

Candidates who partially fulfilled the job requirements are welcomed to apply
Salary will be discussed during interview and are given based on working experience and ability
Benefit: EPF, SOCSO, annual leave, meal and hostel are provided; salary will be revised every half year
Working hour: 9 hours including lunch time, 6 off days per month (based on timetable given)

1. 承担核心功能代编写
2. 承担公新项目或新产的开工作,并能够按求高质地完开或设计任务
3. 熟练掌分设计工具,按照规范的求,编写设计文档
4. 按照设计的功能,实现模的代编写和维护
5. 根客户需求供相关技术支和培训,调解决客户技术问题

1. 本科以上学历, 两年以上JAVAWEB相关方的开验,能独立完相关模的开
2. 扎实的编程基础,精通Java编程语言, 掌orcaleMySQL等主数库,熟悉Javascript等开技术,熟悉j2ee架构
3. 在技术领域方有一项常擅长,比如分布系统设计业务建模数分数交程引擎等
4. 优秀的团队作精神, 诚实,勤奋,严谨, 沟通表达, 时间管
利:供公积金EPF 社SOCSO年补和宿;年调薪一次

The company is located in the BGC Special Zone of Manila, the capital of the Philippines. It is a game technology development company established by a group of young people in 2017 with software development as its main business. Since its inception, the company has always adhered to the two principles of 'adhering to product quality' and 'emphasizing talent development.' Company's business is divided into categories such as e-sports, puzzles, and entertainment, it actively recruits talents from various countries. It is hoped that the professionalism of talents can create high-quality products. In addition, it also regularly develops refresher courses. Hope So that talents can continue to improve professionally while they are on the job. Externally, the company also chooses stable partners. The company hopes to promote the stable development of the company in close cooperation with quality partners and corporate bodies. The company is also actively expanding the size of the group. In addition to the head office located in the Philippines, the branches are also located in Asian countries, including major first-tier cities in China (Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou ...) and Southeast Asia, such as Taiwan , Singapore, Hong Kong, etc., and is currently preparing for the establishment of a Malaysian branch. While expanding the group, we also constantly recruit elites from all countries to work together for the company. At present, the number of employees in the head office has exceeded 500, and the number of employees in the group around the world has reached 1,000. It is expected that in addition to steadily growing and thriving, it can also shine in the vast emerging markets. The company group welcomes all talents to join this vibrant and fighting family, to work together to achieve the vision and dreams.

Business philosophy
1. Company tenet: Honesty, integrity, and able to act while maintaining one's integrity.

2. Company culture: Externally, 'Customer-oriented', attaches importance to product quality, and extends the belief of 'customer / user experience'. Internally, it is 'quality-oriented', focusing on talent recruitment, cultivation plans, and a stable salary adjustment and promotion system.
3. Strive to achieve corporate social responsibility.

本公設於律賓首都馬尼拉的BGC特,是由一群年團隊立於2017年,以軟體研發為主業務的戲技術開發公。 公從創始至今,一直都堅著兩個原則『堅產質與『視人發展。在將公業務劃分電競類益智類休閒娛樂等類別後,便國極招能人好手,希望借助人的專業能打造高質的產,外也定期的制定進修課程,希望讓人在期間也能夠繼續精進專業。外,本公也擇穩固的作夥伴。本公期許在與優質夥伴業體的緊密作下,能夠促進公的穩定發展。 本公目也在極地擴張集團模,除了於律賓的總公外,分公也佈於亞洲國,包中國主一線城市(廣州,深圳,州…...等)以亞地,如新加香港……等地,而近期也在籌備馬來西亞分公的設立。在擴張集團的時,我們也斷招國英一起為公奮鬥。目總公員工人數已經破500人,集團於全的員工數也已有人之多。期許在穩定地長與壯外,也能在廣大的新興市場上大放異彩。 本公集團歡迎所有人加入這個氣蓬勃充滿鬥志的大家庭,一攜手實願景就夢想。

1.公宗旨: 誠實正直有守有為。
2.公文化: 外「以客為本,視產質,更延伸出「以客戶/用戶體驗為主的信仰。 內「以質為本,注人的招募培育養計劃,以穩定的調薪制度。

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