Software Engineer - JAVA

Software Engineer - JAVA

Agensi Pekerjaan EPS Consultants Sdn Bhd
Kuala Lumpur
3-6 years
Not Specified

Job Description

Client Background: The global leader in content delivery network and cloud acceleration services with fully integrated Cloud Security DDoS protection and a web application firewall
Location: Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur
Headcount: 1
Tenure: Permanent
Remuneration: Basic Salary
Purpose of Job:
To assure quality of product/component and in comply with the specifications and standards. Maintain product/component sustainability and initiate product improvement to ensure market competitiveness in the industry.
· According to the requirement analysis, architecture and process design, complete and documented the design and implementation details.
· Comply with the relevant product/component develop & test specifications and complete the coding work.
· Responsible for the quality of coding and ensure the quality of accuracy, execution, performance, readability, and sustainability of the coding.
· Analyze and resolve the defects and errors found in product testing period offline/online.
· Comply with project management specifications, collaborate with project stakeholders in deliver best services in completing the project qualitative and quantitatively.
· Provide online operation products/components technical supports, resolve complex issues raised by the operation team.
· Track and monitor the online operations of related products/components. Propose and initiate the improvement plans.
· Track the development trend of related technical fields and maintain our leading position in the industry.
· Bachelor’s degree or above in computer and related majors is preferred.
· With more than 2 years of relevant work experience, rich experience is preferred.
· Have good communication skills and documentation skills.
· Have a good sense and ability to take the initiative to work, take the initiative to think, take the initiative, and be able to stand alone.
· Have good professional ethics and professionalism, understand, and abide by the company's system.
· Ability Required: -
o Familiar with JAVA programming language, JVM operating mechanism and memory management mechanism.
o Have good code writing, annotation, and unit testing habits, and proficiently use a variety of design patterns.
o Familiar with open source frameworks such as SpringMVC, SpringCloud, MyBatis and their principles.
o Master Linux commonly used commands, familiar with the deployment and configuration tuning of Nginx and Tomcat servers.
o Familiar with the working principle of Redis and Mysql and have the ability to optimize the database.
o Familiar with web front-end development, master front-end knowledge such as JS, CSS, HTML, Nodejs, Layui.
o Familiar with Web protocol standards, understand the working principle of HTTP/Session, and understand network security related knowledge.
o Familiar with distributed architecture, experience in design, development, deployment, and maintenance of high-availability distributed systems is preferred.
· Additional Requirements: -
o Maintain high level of integrity and confidentiality.

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