Vehicle Safety Management Personnel

Vehicle Safety Management Personnel

2-4 years
3500 - 5000 MYR

Job Description

Job responsibilities:

1. Organize employees to learn and implement driver-driver safety production rules and regulations and safety technical operating procedures, educate drivers to observe rules and disciplines, stop violations, and ensure drivers safe production;
2. Responsible for safety inspection and correction, if unsafe factors are found, report them immediately, make detailed records, analyze, and take safety measures;
3. Responsible for the driver's safety equipment and facilities, to ensure that the equipment is kept intact and operating normally, and to keep safety records;
4. Responsible for accident handling procedures, reduce insurance expenditures and accountability;
5. Responsible for the daily management of the driver, the supervision of the implementation of the system, and the follow-up and evaluation of the driver's service quality.

1. College degree or above, major in safety management or relevant work experience;
2. Have basic national traffic safety laws or knowledge;
3. Quick thinking, good at finding problems, better problem solving ability;
4. Better communication skills, better data analysis skills, good patience for transactional intervention, and good coordination;
5. Safety certificate or safety management related experience is preferred.