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Job Description : 日系業をメイン「製る説明書や「会社案内パンフレット「種スターデザイン・制作ら刷を一貫サービス供をる会社。既存客様フォローや新客様訪メイン仕事り。日系業顧客リストり訪情報集ら始。タイミング大事も声を貰る良関係性を築る大事イント客様関係構築得方実力見所。実際頼を頂際

Skills :

 Client Background: Our client was primarily engaged in the trading of plastic materials and currently in the distribution of plastic materials. We have been supplying different plastic polymer like ABS, HIPS, PCR ABS, PC/ABS, PLA, PC/PC ALLOY, and

 Client Background: Global Semiconductor Company Headcount: 1 Tenure: Permanent Remuneration: Basic+ Allowance + Free parking + meal subsidy Time Pattern: 12hours rotation shift Responsibilities: * Answer all calls offered to Service Desk queues

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