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other admin clerical secretarial Jobs In sabah

Responsible for the product roadmap and product planning and design of the platform product line. 负责平产线的产路线图与产规划设计。

Skills :

Software Tester (Junior, Senior) Participate in the company's web, APP and other product function tests and responsible for risk assessment of testing and finding defects. 1. 与公webAPP等产功能测试; 2. 根产需求编写测试用例; 3. 测试环境建; 4. 测试结果分; 5. 测试报告编写。 6. 根

Responsible for the application operation and maintenance of each Internet product/server. 维人员负责互网产的应用维。

Skills :

Application Support Consultant

Penang Sabah Selangor
3-13 years
68711 - 120245 MYR

We are looking for an experienced Application Software Support Consultant to support, use and delivering regular guidance to external client for property, construction, hospitality and accounting solutions.

Skills :

游策划 Game Planner

Le Xiao Yao (M) Sdn Bhd
1-3 years
Not Specified

Game Planner Game planners are responsible for writing plans for game development, proposing new ideas, optimizing the current game, and collecting product feedback. 游策划人员负责撰写游开的策划文档功能需求美 风格的制定?出新的创对目游?出优化方案以收集产?馈以断改进产方案。

Skills :

Database daily inspection and abnormal records; Database capacity and data growth monitoring 1. 数库日常巡检,与异常记录 2. 数库容与数增长监控 3. 维护数库稳定行,对日常数库问题处与分; 4. 数库的性能优化; 5. ?助开人员SQL调优数库部署性能优化等。

Skills :

Front-end developers will need to write and maintain and optimize page performance with front-end programs and manage everything that users sees. 端开科技人员将会需用端程撰写且维护并优化页 效能以管用户在览器或应用程中直观看到的所有 容。

Skills :